Advanced Dental Photography

Our course is for Advanced Cosmetic &

Restorative Dental Professionals


Digital courses are presented and hands-on instruction by Gregory M. Lutke DDS


Please call Keri at (972) 378-4141 - she can assist you in selecting the correct dates for your needs.


Maximum course size is 4 Dr.s or Lab Technicians

Our Courses are now 2 days.

Courses are Thursday 8:00am -5:00pm and Friday, 8:00am- 4:00pm

Course Fee

Course Details:


This course will advance you to the top 1% of dental photography.

In 2 days you will fully master digital dental photography.

This course is both camera hardware and picture software - with both JPG and RAW file capture. Image management/corrections in Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw) or Adobe Lightroom and patient presentations in both Adobe Bridge or Microsoft PowerPoint. Color Management in dentistry is part of.the course.(Color accuracy with pictures, monitors and prints)"The Art of Portrait Photography" is included.

  1. Fully understand which digital camera is best for your dental photography
  2. Master exposure control in both clinical and portrait photography
  3. AACD Accreditation Photography - Master the 12 views in JPG & Raw
  4. Learn Adobe Photoshop for dental professionals
  5. Master color accuracy in dentistry and how to make certain all your images are color perfect
  6. Custom White Balance for Jpg and Custom White Balance for Raw
  7. Learn Adobe Camera Raw (part of Photoshop) - the most important software to dental professionals
  8. Adobe Lightroom can be used instead of Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge. Camera Raw and Lightroom use the same technology from Adobe. The image technique is identical.
  9. Master quick Templates in Adobe Bridge - How to print or email patients series during appointments
  10. Calibrate and profile your monitor, either laptop or desktop - for viewing color accurate images
  11. Learn to print using icc profiles - the key to printing color accuracy. Simple and accurate
  12. Learn how to capture beautiful portrait images of your 'after' patients
  13. Master the Cosmetic Patient Consultation - how to effectively and successfully communicate dental cosmetics to patients.
  14. Create PowerPoint / Keynote presentations as used by dental speakers (lecture creation)
  15. Learn how to use Photoshop for Cosmetic Imaging - the key in communication with patients and laboratories.
  16. Learn how to use Social Media and The Cloud for communication with patients.

This is the most comprehensive photography course in dentistry.



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