Dallas Dental Solutions        
5045 Lorimar Dr. # 110
Plano, Texas 75093

(972) 378-4141


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Dallas Dental Solutions assists dental professionals in attaining the digital "user skills" necessary to prosper in the digital revolution dentistry is experiencing. The exciting possibilities in modern dentistry can now be communicated, to your patients, more effectively with digital pictures. We focus on the 'dental side' of digital photography , especially digital macro photography and portrait photography - with 'off the shelf' digital SLR cameras. Surprisingly, the high end (color accurate) of digital photography is not difficult to master!

Our clients are dentists, laboratory technicians, dental assistants, business managers, and hygienists seeking to communicate visually (esthetics and function) to their patients.

We also specialize in assisting professional dental speakers committed to producing film quality PowerPoint Presentations. All of these dental professionals need advanced Adobe Photoshop skills. We cover all these digital subjects in our hands-on courses at Dallas Dental Solutions. Our clients develop these digital abilities at the highest skill level in dentistry.

The courses are surprisingly easy for all dental professionals to master. We welcome both the complete beginners and the highly advanced ! Each client will be provided one on one individual time.

Please navigate through our site to see our 4 Course offerings. If we can be of service to you, please call Keri at (972) 378-4141